Anniversary Special

A year ago…

I received God’s greatest gift.

He had me marry the best person that will bring out the best in me (I hope he feels the same way, hehehe).


Our journey in “being in a relationship” was quiet a long journey. We enjoyed the most of it. We loved. We laughed. We cried. We were young then, and the best part of it is that we grew together…and now, will grow some more together.

under water cam

When we look back, we realized that we have changed. We were no longer the person we used to be and we are just happy that we managed to stay together despite all those transformations that we had. Change is indeed inevitable, accepting it is an option. And we are thankful that we chose to acknowledge each other’s “alterations”.


A year ago…We decided to start our life together. We chose to end the jeepney ride on those roads – most of the time smooth, sometimes bumpy and there are what they called “detours”. I’d like to call marriage with many names. Let’s start to call it as the “roller coaster ride”. Why? Because not everyone braved to ride it. From the outside, it looks scary and dangerous, that it’s not worth to waste your courage into it. Well, indeed it’s scary…but not until you’re on it! You will soon discover that it is a fun ride. Fun would be an understatement. It is a magnificent ride! That kind of ride that you would want to do over and over again, because you just can’t get enough of it. But we know, soon the excitement will be over. That we should get down from that crazy ride and get serious.

DSC_0379 DSC_0378 a1

I would like to take this time to thank all those people who helped us made our wedding possible most especially to our parents who gave us their blessings. I don’t need to mention names (I might forget a  person or two hehehe) you know who you are. To those who made their efforts to grace our wedding at that very early in the morning. We are grateful to those who travelled far to celebrate with us, and to those who were not able to make but surely remembered us on that special day. To all of you who love us, maraming salamat po!

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That day made us realize many things. That we are not going to face this world alone, we are going to face this life with the people who care and love us. Marriage is not just a union of two hearts, declaration of vows and all that wedding ceremonies, programs, gifts and give aways. Wedding is also a high time for gathering of families, relatives and friends. A reunion of love and friendship that has been separated by distance and recollection of precious moments shared some time ago.

It is a celebration of love. A commemoration of God’s love to His children.


It is being accepted by the family and friends..when they acknowledge that you are now “family”.


We don’t want to claim that ours is the perfect relationship among others. We want to let other people know that we are working very hard to be a joy in God’s eyes.

Indeed, 1 year anniversary is sooo young for a lifetime of togetherness. We hope and we pray that as we celebrate more years together, it will be sweeter than it is today. We may encounter different kinds of trials and hardships, we are not troubled because we know that God will always be there to guide us and keep us safe in His loving arms.


I am grateful that I have a man that has greater faith than I have. We are blessed because He never ceased to hear our prayers.

Near or far, it will not be a hindrance to celebrate and rejoice one good year of marriage. Cheers to many best years to come!


Happy Anniversary my honey King!


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3 Responses to Anniversary Special

  1. farrahkwon says:

    This is a really nice post about your love and marriage. I’m so happy for both of you^^ Happy anniversary once again !

  2. girlieging says:

    Did you write this? hehehe… very good! super like! Love you both..

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